Finally the american Kyle Crane, drummer of Daniel Lanois and Ion Bon have been working together. They have been recording a great album. Sounds and sensations that will reach the depths of your soul.

"Bon´s vocals are
like futuristic sounds"


"A group that learned very well the work done in the United Kingdom by groups like U2, to produce an atmospheric sound with rich nuances"


Mondo Sonoro 2018


"They have returned to inhale and breathe pleasantly, from the influences of the British sound that introduced them in their beginnings in the superficial musical waters of the late 80's"

Nonito Pereira 2018


"It's about ten instrumental songs and one with voice, specifically the one that closes the work Canada
Eleven little jewels that could be the eleven soundtracks
Eleven songs that do not seek to easily enter the listener and serve as musical background in the dentist's elevator; they seek to stay forever once they are given the first opportunity"



Future Magazine No. 17


Who is Ion Bon?

Biography  Ion Bon   (meaning: the Good Ion)

He is a composer, musician and singer born in A Coruna, Spain, 10 September 1970


He began his musical career in the world of pop rock in 1986. His first band called Pop-Eye  that plays bass. His performance in big stage for the first time will be in the summer of 1987, in the 2nd Festival Northwest Pop Rock at the age of 16 at the Pavilion sports of La Coruña, selected through a competition among many other bands city. In 1988 La Penumbra group form with his brother Hullo López. In the summer of 1989 they recorded their first album with the company Aspa Discs

(Madrid), his producer was Tores Crespo, former guitarist of the band from Madrid "The

Tackle "(one of the first locals groups of 80 to sign with CBS). The album was called Tierra del Fuego and two singles that sounded in extracted different stations and made it to be in the top 40 candidacy. The gloom signed recording contract with Aspa Records. In 1990 performed the summer tour Cadena 40 Super Uno.


Relations with his first company Aspa Records emerged effect change in personality on the vision of the recording industry with which break the contract after three years. And they never expected to make presentations of "sieved" in another company other than themselves (the brothers Xoán

and Xullo), so create their company named Artistic Recordings Music and his own music publishing (Gam Records), not disappointment, but

by pure conviction. We can say that are precursors to the upward trend in current

times of "DIY" philosophy.

In 1994 they presented his second album Nuestro Mundo, this time its producers

Mario Martinez were the Spanish composer and guitarist musical group La Unión

and Tores Crespo again. Goodbye present their first single Love, wrapped in a video clip made by the Anton Reixa filmmaker, former singer of the group Os Resentidos and president of

the SGAE (General Society of Authors and Editors of Spain), through Video voice (group).

Canal Plus had the scoop of this video and José María Besteiro (LATIVISION-MIAMI USA) by then chief emissions, was the first to visualize and issue.

The quality of this work managed to position the single on the 40th of 40 Principales hit , in 19th place in Cadena Dial and 38 of Canal Plus among others

major national chains.

As a composer include having a work  that has garnered gold award  in that behave authored with his brother Xullo López.

Xoán López currently has 90 registered works in the SGAE and edited.

It is among the exclusive 10% of voting members in society.

In 1997 presented his third Yuca this time produced by La Penumbra, his single Madame Bobary are some national radio stations especially independent. This paper is absolutely breathes the influence British sound that clearly accompany the career of this artist. In the commercial broadcasters do not understand neither sound nor structure album. It really is a concept album with very few or no choruses but with great inner strength.



In 2001 he produced the album with a girl . Share Mario Martínez production guitarist musical group La Unión  In 2002 buys the recording studio in Madrid Studios Go and bring your

city. This study ever offered to the public, use it for recreation and composition.


Dublin, first solo album of his new project called Ion Bon, composed and performed entirely by Xoán López. Also has a video-clip that was produced by the writer and director film  Benito Rabal  Balaguer, son of actors Paco Rabal and Asuncion Balaguer, where Ion Bon's daughter, Silvana acts. Video of the first song of the album "Cómo vamos a hacer" recorded in A Coruña and the surrounding area.


2015 Oxide edited in October Vinyl CD. For this work has the estimable help of his friend Paul Vasilak  he is the actor of work. Photographers are Kat Wilkinson and the discographic producer Bob Lanois,  brother of  Daniel Lanois


In 2015 edited Oxide (11 songs)                                                                            

1.   Machine

2.   Dan Lanois

3.   Rocco Lap

4.   Oxide

5.   Street Bon (Canada)

6.   Cafe Racer

7.   Please

8.   The Tunnel

9.   Paint the Universe

10. Years & Life

11. Canada



2017 The Penumbra -Turbulence


2018 La Penumbra 682


2018  Ion Bon with Kyle Crane   First Single " So Far Away"  Release on  September 10  (Kyle Crane Drummer)


2019 Ion Bon with Kyle Crane Album (7 songs) Recorded Live Show- Ion Bon with Kyle Crane Kyle  (Royal Art House)

1.   I am falling

2.   Fire

3.   Jewish

4.   Goodbye

5.   Sometimes

6.   Lucky guy

7.   So far away


  1. Tierra del Fuego (La Penumbra) 1990 (bassist) released by Aspa Records

  2. Nuestro Mundo (La Penumbra) 1994 (voice and bass) edited by Gam Records

  3. Yuca (La Penumbra) 1997 (voice, bass, piano) edited by Gam Records 2002 (producer)

  4. Dublin (Ion Bon) 2009 (all performed and produced by Xoán López work edited by Gam Records

  5. Wedding of the Bon (Bon Ion) 2011 edited by Gam Records

  6. I Love You (Ion Bon) in July 2014 (available on-line at iTunes app stores, Amazon Spotify, Sony Music) (1 song)

  7. 2015 Oxide (11 SONGS) edited in October Vinyl CD. For this work has the estimable help of his friend Paul Vasilak  he is the actor of work. Photographers are Kat Wilkinson and the discographic producer Bob Lanois,  brother of  Daniel Lanois

  8. 2017 The Penumbra -Turbulance (1 Song) Royal art House

  9. 2018 - 682 La Penumbra (Ep- 4 songs) Royal Art House

  10. 2018  Ion Bon With Kyle Crane   the first single " So Far Away"  release on September 10 (Kyle Crane Drummer) Royal Art House

  11. 2019 Ion Bon With Kyle Crane (Album 7 songs). Recorded Live Show- Ion Bon with Kyle Crane Kyle  ( Royal Art House)

Who is Kyle Crane?

Kyle Crane has performed or recorded/toured with artists such as Daniel Lanois, Glen Ballard, Judith Hill, Everest, Bridgit Mendler, Crystal Bowersox, Tim Hughes, Rickey Minor and The Tonight Show Band, Dale Crover(Nirvana/Melvins), Monte Mar, Bo Koster(My Morning Jacket), Red Elvises, American Authors, Joe Plummer(The Shins, Modest Mouse), Jesse & Joy, John Mayer, Neko Case and many others. He has toured as the opener for artists like Neil Young and performed on The Latin Grammys, JUNO Awards, David Letterman, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Nick and Artie Show, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and Kelly and Michael. While attending Berklee College of Music Crane received a near perfect rating of 8877 out of 8888 by distinguished faculty. He studied under Terri Lyne Carrington and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Crane was awarded the Berklee Achievement Scholarship and the Lionel Hampton drumming scholarship which brought him to Graduate School at USC where he studied with Peter Erskine. Now an active studio drummer, Crane can be heard on anything from hip-hop records featuring Kanye West to jazz records with Sam Barsh. He has been featured in magazines such as Modern Drummer Magazine, L.A Weekly and Berklee Today Magazine. Crane plays C&C Drums, Istanbul Agop Cymbals and Remo Drumheads.

The musician who was Miles Teller’s drum double in Whiplash also announced his star-studded debut


El músico que era el doble baterista de Miles Teller en Whiplash también anunció su debut lleno de estrellas.

On January 18th, Crane will release his debut album, Crane Like the Bird. “I’ve always had songs, but you keep putting them on the shelf when you’re a sideman,” Crane said of finally putting out his own music. The effort features contributions from a diverse range of artists that includes M. WardConor OberstDaniel LanoisThe Shins’ James MercerPeter Bjorn and John’s Peter Morén, jazz pianist Brad MehldauBrazilian Girls’ Sabina Sciubba, and Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele.

El 18 de enero de 2019, Crane lanzará su álbum debut, Crane Like the Bird. "Siempre he tenido canciones, pero sigues poniéndolas en el estante cuando eres un sideman", dijo Crane, y finalmente sacó su propia música. El esfuerzo cuenta con contribuciones de una amplia gama de artistas que incluye  M. WardConor Oberst, Daniel LanoisThe Shins’ James MercerPeter Bjorn and John’s Peter Morén, pianista de jazz Brad MehldauBrazilian Girls’ Sabina Sciubba, y Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele.

If you don’t recognize Kyle Crane, take a look at his hands, because you’ve seen them if you’ve seen the Oscar-winning 2014 film Whiplash. Crane served as Miles Teller’s drum double on the film, which saw his sticks blur throughout several dizzying solos. So, yes, Crane is an incredible drummer

Si no reconoces a Kyle Crane, échale un vistazo a sus manos, porque las has visto si has visto la película Whiplash ganadora del Oscar 2014. Crane sirvió como el doble tambor de Miles Teller en la película, que vio cómo sus bastones se desdibujaban a lo  largo  de varios solos vertiginosos.  Entonces, sí, Crane es un baterista increíble

the 8877

 While attending Berklee College of Music Kyle Crane received a near perfect rating of 8877 out of 8888 by distinguished faculty. He studied under Terri Lyne Carrington and graduated Magna Cum Laude

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